Polanight Teeth Whitening Gel


Polanight Teeth Whitening Gel

What Is Polanight?

Polanight (occasionally known as Pola Evening) is strong and successful consider-house tooth whitening gel technique that utilizes a carbamide peroxide based mostly whitening agent. The method will take up to 14 days and comes in 10%, sixteen% and 22% carbamide peroxide concentrations.

Note that Polanight presently does not come with teeth whitening trays due to the fact it was initially sold only to dentists (who resold it and even now resell it to patients for 10x the price tag or more). Due to the fact the trays are a essential component for this method, you will want to buy them separately. You can buy very good custom match trays online for around $ thirty to $ 50 or get them customized fitted from your dentist. We advocate ordering it on the internet because Dentists charge $ 300+ for the precise exact same sort of custom trays. Just be aware that a high quality gel whitening tray can tremendously boost the effectiveness of the treatment. For this explanation we do not recommend the $ five trays at the local pharmacy.


What is the Difference for Polanight Carbamide Peroxide Concentrations?

The ten% carbamide peroxide concentration is the most gentle but slow-acting tooth whitening treatment and is advisable for any individual with delicate teeth or gums. sixteen% carbamide peroxide concentration is the medium power choice. If you have never ever used a tooth whitening gel before, we advocate beginning with sixteen% since many men and women discover 22% causes too significantly tooth or gum sensitivity. The 22% carbamide peroxide is the most potent selection with the shortest publicity time, fastest benefits, but probably much more irritating treatment method to the teeth or gums. Nonetheless, all concentrations of Polanight consist of a mix of natural conditioners and soothers to considerably reduce teeth and gum discomfort and sensitivity (a frequent side impact of any strong tooth bleaching gel).


Far more Tips for Polanight

– If you never know how delicate your teeth are, begin with the sixteen% carbamide peroxide

– Refrigerate the whitening gel when not employing for an extended period of time but guarantee it is area temperature just before use.

– Dry your teeth with a tissue or cotton ball before gel application for higher effectiveness.

– In the course of application, eliminate excessive gel from the gums employing a tissue or cotton ball to reduce sensitivity.

– We do not suggest trying to keep the trays in overnight even with the 16% or ten% concentrations. If you do want to attempt overnight, for the first time, set an alarm for the middle of the evening to see how sensitive your teeth and gums really feel then. It could save you some pain from the subsequent day!

– The very best and safest way to begin the treatment is to constantly start with a shorter duration exposure and if the sensitivity is tolerable increase the duration (inside of the instructed limits).


Side Effects of Polanight

Polanight has no serious overall health hazards as extended as it is utilised in the suitable amount, duration, and frequency as instructed on the bundle. Even so, be conscious that the carbamide peroxide whitening ingredient is a skin, eye and respiratory irritant. As with all teeth bleaching gels, minor and quick-lasting sensitivity of the teeth and gums is a typical side impact of typical use. If you encounter excessive tooth or gum sensitivity or burning then you ought to both minimize the duration and frequency of use or discontinue the product fully. In this situation if you were using one particular of the higher carbamide peroxide concentrations (22% or 16%) then we suggest making an attempt Polanight 10% as it is significantly much more gentle.

For some purpose, a number of consumers have reported their dentist directed them to hold Polanight on their teeth for considerably longer than stated on Polanight’s guidelines, which resulted in severe ache, tooth sensitivity, and stomach pain for days following. In such instances we advocate you bring this to the focus of your dentist but in any situation, basically follow the guidelines on the package (which will be based mostly on the carbamide peroxide concentration of your gel), as this is the only proven risk-free and efficient way to use the Polanight tooth whitening method.

Daniel Delos is a reviewer for teeth whitening therapies.

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